Biomaterials have already had an enormous impact on biology and medicine. This IAS focused program will discuss new challenges and opportunities in biomaterials research under three themes:

1) Bio-inspired material design:
Materials inspired by biological systems have huge potential in biomedical application due to their biomimetic properties. In this session, principles and new methodologies that lead to the development of these new materials will be discussed.

2) Biomaterials for ophthalmic applications:
Ocular diseases are becoming increasingly important because of their prevalence in the aging population. Innovation of biomaterials is advancing approaches for drug delivery, regenerative medicines, and disease models for the eye. This session will bring together material scientists, bioengineers, and clinicians to identify opportunities for translational research.

3) Nanomaterials for medical applications:
Many interesting materials (e.g. graphene, DNAs, etc) in recent years have been explored for medical applications. These materials promise new diagnostic/therapeutic platforms and enable new strategies for disease diagnosis, drug delivery and disease treatment. This session will cover new research development and offer visional thoughts on this exciting area.

The program aims at sharing new research findings, exchanging ideas and promoting interdisciplinary research collaborations.


Division of Biomedical Engineering (BME), HKUST

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